Australian Muscle Car Pre-purchase Inspection NSW

Australian Muscle Car Pre-purchase Inspection NSW

Mobile Holden Ford Valiant Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection NSW

Inspections by All Things Cars

The 3 best examples in Australia.

LJ Torana GTR XU1,I found this car in Parkes, while inspecting an original Valiant Pacer 2 door, 1 of 200 built Bathurst edition, matching numbers, with original books, restored by Holden service manager in Parkes NSW, won Summernats trophy, 2015, lived in a humidifier since resto, had never washed before purchase, all parts genuine original Torana GTRXU1, except wheel nuts that had to be made to original spec’s,,original body sill paint colour matt black finish could only be retrieved from the steering column, purchased @ $120, sold @ $200.

Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase 111, needs no introduction, the only 1 ever made, made for the Melbourne car show, very well known car, Purchased through well known classic car dealer @ $535, sold @ $835

Valiant E38 Charger, restored by local Mopar enthusiast, best restored car I have ever inspected, no flaws anywhere, has E49 seats, the E49 he restored has E38 seats, he just liked to swap them around. Purchase @ $150, sold @ $350

These cars have gone to private collections, probably never to be seen by the public again.

All drive as new, fit and finish better than new.