Thank you Chris, for a very thorough and prompt inspection, especially for being able to do this at
no notice ūüôā
I am glad to see that the car is actually almost exactly what it says on the tin…straight and solid, with
a few battle scars…my kids will likely do much worse to it ūüôā




Thank you. We are not going to go through with the purchase of the car. If we locate another one in Sydney, we will give you a call.

Daniel and Kirsten

This car seems quite good- it ticks all of the boxes but I am a little worried about the price-I know you said not to worry but I do ūüôā I do think it is worth a look -if you don’t mind going down to have a look over the weekend and let me know what you think and hopefully they will take an offer.
Thanks so much


Thanks Chris. Seems this is not the car for me! I appreciate your very thorough inspection!


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